If you are an artist get in touch and sell your music through this medium. You can email us on info@changmusicpublishing.com.


Chang! Music Publishing was founded in 2017 by two childhood friends, one the proprietor of a buzzing and successful live music venue in Valletta, Malta, the other an accountant in London with fifteen years of licensing and royalties experience. Hugely divergent careers maybe, but what brought the two together to form C!MP was a shared passion for music both live and recorded - and a desire to bring the work of artists who would ordinarily be overlooked by traditional music publishers to a wider audience whilst ensuring that musicians are compensated fairly.
Not only are the two founders avid fans of music, they are also musicians themselves. What this means is that they and the company are unequivocally on the side of the artist: one of the core principles of the Chang! ethos is to support the artist by ripping up the traditional business models of established publishers, promoters and download / streaming sites and properly rewarding musicians for the magic that they create.
So, instead of receiving one-millionth of a penny for each track downloaded or streamed, we typically offer an insanely attractive royalty rate of 90% (that's NINETY PER CENT) of our net receipts.
By using this platform as a consumer, you are also supporting artists who, in this day and age, are simply unable to make a living from the music that they produce. With a decline in traditional music sales over the last twenty years and the ever-constant threat of music piracy, the industry as a whole is facing bigger challenges than ever before. Our aim is to ensure that musicians can continue to do what they do in the face of such adversity.


Our goal is to create a 'movement' rather than become a faceless corporation whose only interest is money; to connect music-makers with music-lovers and establish a community of like-minded people; to re-invest our income in the artists who are the lifeblood of our energies.
We offer a membership scheme whereby all artists will receive a share of non-artist-specific income (for example advertising revenue), rather than pocketing that money and using it for the company's Christmas party.


We provide a fast, easy, user-friendly service for artists to create an account on which tracks, albums, images, logos and biographies can be uploaded and amended at any time.
Creating a basic account for your music is free, however depending on future digital storage costs, artists who wish to upload a large volume of tracks to our platform may see a slight reduction in the royalty they receive.
Click here for more info on royalty rates, payments and other finance-related matters
So don't delay, join our movement today!