If you are an artist get in touch and sell your music through this medium. You can email us on info@changmusicpublishing.com.


We offer a typical royalty rate of ninety per cent of net receipts. What this means is that we will pay out a percentage based on the actual cash that we receive into our account after sales taxes and deductions such as PayPal fees have been taken into consideration. So for example, if a track is sold for £1.00, and if total deductions we have to pay amount to £0.23, we will be left with £0.77. We will then pay out 90% of that to the artist (£0.77 x 90% = £0.69) and retain £0.08 for our services.
PLEASE NOTE that we cannot predict the exact future costs of digital storage - this is something which is out of our control. Therefore there is a chance that for artists who wish to upload a large number of tracks to our platform, we may have to retain a larger percentage than the standard 10%. This increase will only ever be designed to cover such costs and not to line our pockets - and we will notify you in writing of a proposed increase.

Method of Payment

We use PayPal to pay our artists due to the speed and security advantages that this offers over other forms of payment. It is also a very versatile and trusted method of payment, and can be used on almost any device.

Frequency Of Payments

We will pay out royalties on a quarterly basis and within 30 (thirty) days of the respective accounting period:
Any royalties received between:

1st January and 31st March inclusive will be paid to the artist by 30th April;
1st April and 30th June inclusive will be paid to the artist by 31st July;
1st July and 30th September will be paid to the artist by 31st October; and
1st October and 31st December will be paid to the artist by 31st January.